About Us

The following practices are adopted by HHC to meet our primary goal of imparting basic health knowledge at the grass root level:

  • Health Training:

Imparting training to the community or health workers (from NGOs) according to the need of that area in an easy and understandable style is our first and most widely used method for increasing  awareness. The trainers  are formerly trained to give training in communities in a demonstrative manner.

  • Production of IEC Material:Information, Education and Communication (IEC) are a very crucial and effective method for disseminating information in the community through easily understandable and demonstrative representations. Manuals and posters are prepared by us according to the various needs of different subjects keeping in mind the cultural diversities of the area and the same is then displayed in the community.
  • Medical Camps: with the help of trained professionals of the fields arranging medical camp at the door steps of the community is also an effective method in the community where awareness related to health is extremely low or infrastructure is not adequately developed.
  • First Aid/Medical Kits:preparing and distributing first aid or medical kits in the communities where primary health care facilities are not available or are far away from habitation, such kits are prepared by us and are given to the village health worker who is properly trained to make a proper use of the same.

Education of young population:Be it a school student or college student, non-school going child  playing in a street or working in a farm ,  we wish to reach them through games , slogans or stories  to cultivate healthy habits through proper understanding at right age .